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Study shows the expertise and compassion of Dr. Karaca

Michigan - An independent, third-party study of plastic surgery offices showcased the patient satisfaction of Dr. Karaca’s office. Patients were surveyed on a variety of concerns, including office staff, scheduling, openness of doctor to answer their questions, addressing of their concerns, and billing issues. More than half of the patients indicated that they were extremely satisfied, very courteously treated and would recommend other individuals to his practice. When it came to answering questions, 100% of the patients indicated that they were satisfied. Dr. Karaca’s dedication to making patients feel comfortable is key to providing the best service. An expert in his field, he goes above and beyond to answer any questions and will only perform a procedure once all concerns have been handled. He views plastic surgery as a “perfectionist’s specialty” and this shows in the satisfaction of his patients. The study stated that virtually every patient indicated that they were very, very satisfied with the treatments and would recommend other patients. It is obvious they have a very high opinion of Dr. Karaca, his staff and his abilities. For more information on Dr. Karaca, please click here.

Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery News Articles

Botox Injections for Cerebral Palsy

Most people are familiar with the cosmetic benefits that Botox Injections have to offer. Botox can quickly and safely reduce the appearance of fine lines taking years off of your face or neck, but did you know that Botox can be used to effectively treat serious diseases such as Cerebral Palsy

Full Article: Botox Injections for Cerebral Palsy


The New Miss Universe Winner is Pro Plastic Surgery

Mexican beauty queen Jimena Navarrete the winner of Monday night’s Miss Universe pageant says she is plastic-surgery-free, but not for the reason she's against cosmetic surgery.

Before the pageant, the website Celestrellas interviewed the 22-year-old Mexican beauty queen and she briefly discussed her attitude towards surgical treatments.

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