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The New Miss Universe Winner is Pro Plastic Surgery

Mexican beauty queen Jimena Navarrete the winner of Monday night?s Miss Universe pageant says she is plastic-surgery-free, but not for the reason she's against cosmetic surgery.

Before the pageant, the website Celestrellas interviewed the 22-year-old Mexican beauty queen and she briefly discussed her attitude towards surgical treatments.

Navarette was asked if she went under the knife for a plastic surgery and what she think about the procedure. The beauty queen simply replied that she is for plastic surgery, but she haven't gotten any, so far.

The interviewer asked her another question, If her "healthy figure is a result of gyms or genetics?" The Miss Universe winner said, "I exercise a lot. I go to the gym two hours a day, one in the morning and one at night. Since we are really busy right now, I try to work out whenever I have the time. I brought some wrist weights with me."

The topic is quite controversial. Last year, Miss California USA pageant winner Carrie Prejean got mixed up in a brouhaha with the state pageant organizers over money they handed to her to go through breast augmentation procedures, in preparation for the Miss USA pageant, where she placed second.

Before Navarrete, two previous Miss Universe winners were from Venenzuela. There, plastic surgery is quite common, predominantly for beauty contest competitors. "Why does Venezuela keep winning Miss Universe?? is a 2008 article from the online Observers site which stated:

The 2008 Miss Universe winner, the Venenzuelan Dayana Mendoza, has caused quite a stir when she confessed to having recourse to plastic surgery. Her nose and breasts got augmented before the start of the pageant. Even though there is no rule against it, the beauty queen took a lot of criticism.

Venezuelan weekly magazine Version Final reported, Dayana felt that her nose was "too droopy" when she smiled. The very reason why she had work done on her nose. She also thought she was ?too flat-chested? to be Miss Universe.

?In Your Face,? has an unscientific survey where nearly three-quarters of readers unanimously agree that contestants in beauty pageants should not be allowed to have plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is a medical procedure that comes in two forms: aesthetics (cosmetics) and reconstructive.

Aesthetics plastic surgery is concentrated on improving certain body features or changing a certain part to make it agree to the looks that the patient want to have. Reconstructive surgery is carried out to restore something in the body that has been damaged due to mishaps from certain events like burns, bone fractures, mastectomy, congenital defects such as cleft palate etc. The fundamental purpose of taking reconstructive surgery is to correct the defects in a particular body part to achieve normal functioning of that part.

There are some benefits a cosmetic surgery can give. One of which is boosting one's self-confidence. But due to it's invasive nature it is necessary to ask the doctor's opinion and to carefully plan which procedure to take for the sake of compatibility and safety. Some times a person may suffer from side-effects if it is not professionally or properly done.

Here's a thought that beauty pageant organizers need to think about. If a beauty pageant contestant starts enhancing parts of her body before the contest, isn't that considered cheating?

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