Expose Your Company to 30,000 Interested Visitors Each Month

SleepingSwan.com can provide you with a great vehicle for reaching your target market. Our site is designed to attract visitors interested in all types of cosmetic procedures, body enhancement and general health related items. These are just some of the procedures and products our visitors search for...

Brazilian butt lift
Breast enlargement
Breast reduction
Brow lift

Cheek implant
Chemical peel
Collagen lip injections
Cosmetic dentistry
Eye brow tattoo
Eyebrow lift

Hair replacement
Laser hair removal
Laser skin resurfacing
Massage therapist

Nose job
Permanent eyeliner
Plastic surgery
Tattoo removal
Tummy tuck

Our system is different than most. It provides you with a banner tile on every page of our site, a profile page that provides unlimited space to sell your product or service, and a free toll-free number (if desired) to encourage call-in orders and track all your leads. We charge by the month, not by the number of impressions. With over 30,000 visitors, you could expect over 100,000 banner impressions each month.

What's Included?

Your banner tile ad will appear on every page of this site, and link to your customizable profile page. Here's what's included...

  • 120 x 90 pixel Banner Tile

  • Full-color, fully-customizable Profile Page (468 pixels wide)

  • Ability to link to and display photos, logos or other images

  • Applications sent directly to you, through email, in real time

  • Unlimited editing at no cost - change your banner and/or profile page as often as you like

  • Weekly performance report allows you to test your message and compare results (the ultimate direct response tool)

  • Technical and graphics assistance available at no charge

Getting started is easy. Once you sign up, our Customer Support team will contact you to begin creating your profile page and banner tile. We'll do all the work. Just click below to get started or call 877-792-3866 extension 106.

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