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Cosmetic Procedures Creeping Back Nationally and Locally

If you believe that you are alone in starting to think about spending some extra cash on a cosmetic procedure? guess again!

Cosmetic procedures have long been a reliable economic barometer.

A lot of experts have declared we are meeting up with a slight up turn in the economy and plastic surgeons are running smack into a slight boost in business.

The trends of plastic surgeries are changing; this is according to the report of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

A Plastic Surgeon who practices in San Luis Obispo, known as Dr. Ke-Ping Tsao, weighed in on the Central Coast?s latest things.

"In 30 years in practice, this is the worst downturn we've seen," he claimed.

An immense 35 percent decrease in business is what he witnessed in 2008. Nearly half of those patients came back during the mid of 2010. Also, in consonance with the national trend, there has been another four percent increase in the past six months.

During the time elective surgical procedures like face lifts took a back seat during the recession, non-surgical procedures like Botox injections at Dr. Tsao?s practice - tripled.

Dr. Tsao explained, "That is a trend that is seen nationally. The non-surgical procedures such as fillers and Botox are the things that people find are time efficient and relatively affordable."

The Plastic Surgeon was amazed, however, that one type of surgery was not affected whatsover by the recession. "Interestingly enough liposuction didn't really decrease as much as I would've expected."

Some studies revealed people have opted to go through cosmetic procedures currently to appear younger in this dog-eat-dog job market; on the other hand, Dr. Tsao claimed, at his practice, looking young for job security has long been a reason to go through cosmetic surgery or needle.

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