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Think Twice About Cosmetic Surgery, said TOP East Lancashire Surgeon

A surgeon from TOP East Lancashire has cautioned people that cosmetic surgery is a ?life changing decision, which should not to be taken lightly?.

Two years ago, Blackburn Rovers legend Colin Hendry lost his wife Denise to an infection which was caused by a botched liposuction surgery back in 2002.

An investigation found that the mother-of-four, who unfortunately died at the age of 43, suffered punctures to her bowel nine times in the middle of an operation performed by Dr. Gustav Aniansson, in April 2002 at the private Broughton Park Hospital, near Preston.

Problems were rare, according to Jeyaram Srinivasan, consultant plastic, reconstructive, and hand surgeon at The Beardwood Hospital in Blackburn.

However the Doctor insists those thinking of going through cosmetic surgery must take great time and care when making the final decision to go through with the operation.

Since the kickoff of this year, the BMI Healthcare facility in Preston New Road claimed it had witnessed a 102 percent growth in inquiries from patients considering to go through a cosmetic procedure.

The bulk of the increase, which is 211 per cent, was seen in inquiries dealing with gynaecomastia, or ?man-boob? surgical procedures.

There is an increase of 179 percent, on the other hand, on inquiries made by women regarding breast augmentation.

Dr. Srinivasan said: ?Each year around this time we see an increase in the number of inquiries we receive from patients eager to improve appearance with a cosmetic procedure.?

Dr. Srinivasan felt it was important to remind people that going through cosmetic surgery is a very critical, life-changing decision, and one which should not be rushed or taken lightly.

He said that both women and men should not let their ardor for change beat down their capacity to make a responsible choice regarding their surgeon, hospital, and desired procedure.

The surgeon assures people that it's fine if they desire to have something done, but they need to make sure they consult to the right people at the right hospital.

Dr. Srinivasan also warns patients must strictly check their surgeon?s credentials.

He advised people that they should also ensure they choose a consultant surgeon on the General Medical Council specialist register, a member of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, and somebody who frequently carries out the type of procedure they are eyeing for.

Dr. Srinivasan also gave people an advise to discuss their plans with their GP, who is more knowledgeable of their medical history, past patients who went through the same procedure, and talk about any decision with trusted family and friends.

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