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There are Different Degrees of Plastic Surgery

Some people age with sags and bags around the eyes and their neck. Others form seemingly hollow empty cheeks.

Dr. Val Lambros, a Newport Beach, Calif., plastic surgeon, says "People have had the same concerns for a hundred years and has written about it."

This signifies that one of the most difficult decisions one will take when thinking about cosmetic surgery is whether to undergo operation or to have surgery by a needle, he says. The

That means one of the most difficult decisions to make when considering cosmetic treatment is whether to undergo the knife or to get poked by a needle, he says. The difference is visible ? on your face and in your wallet.

Dr. Lambros explained that injectable fillers permit surgeons to enhance a patient?s natural looks by defining facial features or to correct post-surgical imperfections minus spending a fortune on a patient?s appearance. "But the results are not always noticeable," he added.

Here are the choices defined by Lambros:

Fillers: A choice for patients who wants noninvasive treatment to look and feel refreshed. It has shorter recovery period and at a lower cost.

Surgery: This is an ideal procedure when a patient desires to get rid of fat and skin or rearrange a muscle.

Hyaluronic acid, soft tissue, calcium hydroxylapatite gel, and liquid silicone have been utilized in enhancing facial features or repair facial imperfections. Silicone is not altogether recommended due to risk of complications such as nodules, cellulites, and ulceration. The most affordable is Hyaluronic acid and it lasts up to three years.

When asked why some people looked stretched and pulled, Dr. Lambros answered, ?Be honest. Some people look frightening. The funny thing is, they usually think they look great. Like Lindsay Lohan. Why do they do it to their lips??

He said that he does the procedure until he thinks it looks right and then he stops, an answer to a follow up question regarding doing the lip surgery.

?The point is, use all the tools at your disposal. Botox and Restylane help with crow's feet and lines around the mouth. But you don't need an operation for these problems. I know doctors who ask you to point to what bother you, and then they operate.?

Dr. Lambros stressed that when he refuse to operate, the patient?s response should be, "Thanks for not taking advantage of me."

Dr. Lambros was asked that as if he was not proud of his colleagues. He revealed that unfortunately, a lot of them are not in the doctoring business. They are engaged in beauty business instead.

He further advises that a patient should not rush decisions in going through constructive surgery and see more than one board- certified plastic surgeon, choose reputable doctors.

People tend to think it?s being self-centered to fix ones self through cosmetic surgery, but Dr. Lambros urges patients to get it done if it bothers you. However there are a lot of times when he try to talk people out of surgery, saying that it is not in their best interest to go through the procedure. He feels kind of a puritan that way.

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