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Plastic Surgery is a Hush-Hush Situation No More Grand Valley Mommies Want Makeovers

Colo. (KKCO) ?Not so long ago plastic surgery was kept secret by people who went under the knife. Now, many women openly discuss about liposuction and breast augmentation, while cosmetic procedures can be be readily seen on television. E! network's Dr. 90210 and Bridalplasty are shows that have made physical perfection mainstream.

Dr. Matthew Swelstad, a plastic surgeon at ReGenesis Plastic Surgery and SkinCare Center at St. Mary's Hospital, says, "Plastic surgery has become a lot more acceptable over the last ten years." Some viewers following the sweep of surgical procedures have second opinions.

A 16-year-old viewer named Bailey Hilty commented, "I think they glorify plastic surgery, especially with Bridalplasty. They make it seem like all brides should get it and it's something that every woman should want, to look perfect."

"It's just so Hollywood, as if this is what everyone is doing to look beautiful these days," barked Carolyn Takos.

"The majority of these women do it just to feel wanted," says Shane Lawler, who believes more women should concentrate on inner beauty.

Dr. Swelstad claims prime time has given some patients the wrong picture. "A lot of the new shows on t.v. that highlight plastic surgery can be detrimental, primarily on the basis of expectations," says the Doctor.

For example, clients who expect perfection, as opposed to betterment. The doctor says he's seen a step-up in procedures across the board, particularly "mommy makeovers," which target the areas with the unwanted stretch marks. "Mommy makeover is something that society uses to talk about the combination of breast enlargement, with or without a breast lift, and tummy tuck," explained Dr. Swelstad.

Irrespective of the surgical procedure, surgeons warn nip?tucks aren't to be taken lightly, and recuperation takes longer than a commercial break. "Plastic surgery is a very big deal, no matter how big or small the procedure," according to Dr. Swelstad.

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