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Unlicensed Cosmetic Doc Accused of Disfiguring Several Women Victims

For assertedly attracting women to the Dominican Republic for low-cost plastic surgery, a mediocre doctor has been arrested in New York City. Many of his victims were left disfigured and in pain.

Fifty-one year old, Hector Cabral, unlicensed to practice medicine in New York, has purportedly been amassing victims since at least 1999.

A Manhattan singer, back then, claimed that the unlicensed doctor performed liposuction on her, which resulted to a near-deadly infection.

No charge was filed against him at the time, however Cabral is now charged with four other cases by the investigators with the state attorney general's office.

A law enforcement source disclosed, "It's hard to believe there aren't more victims."

According to officials, Cabral would hunt out his victims in salons and spas across the five New York City boroughs, however he gathered most of his patients in Upper Manhattan's Washington Heights neighborhood, which has a huge Dominican community.

Court records revealed, being recognized at the shops, he can talk to female customers and then bring out a black marker right away to show the women where on their bodies they required a liposuction or a tummy tuck.

Cheap prices is what he used as baits, according to officials. His patients would then go all the way to his office in Santo Domingo for the procedure.

However the supposedly economical surgery came at a higher price. Authorities revealed the victims from pain, scarring, and disfigurement.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said, Cabral was nabbed on charges of unauthorized practice of a profession.

Law enforcement sources shared that the timing of his arrest was specifically inconvenient. He had already set up consultations for the week.

Maria Jimenez, a woman who picked up the phone at his mother's home in Yonkers and identified herself as a housekeeper stood up for Cabral.

Jimenez said, "I think all this is a big mistake -- he's a wonderful man."

She added that Cabral has bee a licensed doctor for almost 20 years in the Dominican Republic and that he also went to France to get a degree in plastic surgery.

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