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Americans Turn to Non Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

While many people have lost money in recent years, America's interest in beautification and body modification do not seem to be flagging. With a current population that is very active, with more people choosing to work, or simply having to in order to make ends meet, cosmetic surgery is slowly being rivaled by non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

Unlike surgical procedures, cosmetic treatments don't have a prolonged healing time, and recent advances in the latter are threatening to take over the lion's share of certain cosmetic procedure niche markets. The dangers of non-surgical procedures are lessened as well. The big innovation has been in a new form of laser therapy developed to heat the skin and promote collagen growth. The new Active FX fractional CO2 laser is a less invasive way to minimize fine lines and sun spots in the skin. Recovery period is around five days. It is even safer, less expensive, and easier to recover from than deep chemical peels. One treatment using the Active FX laser promises substantial, immediate results that will last for years.

This skin resurfacing laser has a setting designed to treat wrinkles, giving facial and neck tightening in only one pass, which leads to faster recovery. The procedure is done at an outpatient facility with topical anesthetic in about 30 minutes and results can be expected in just a few days.

For more serious alterations of appearance, the fractional laser can be combined with injectable fillers such as Radiesse. And the effect? Cosmetic Surgeon Robin Fleck, Medical Director of Body Oasis Laser Cosmetic Solutions in Prescott, AZ, says, ?I routinely see patients lose ten years off their appearance with fractional laser resurfacing followed by Radiesse injections. The injectable fillers can do more in a twenty minute session, than a surgical facelift.?

The injectable fillers replace lost facial volume, rather than just repositioning the skin. The loss of soft tissue in cheeks and under eyelids is one indicator of aging, so the added volume restores the appearance of more youthful days. According to Fleck, "Fillers correct these issues immediately and are considerably more affordable than cosmetic surgery."

Most dramatic results can be achieved by adding Botox or Dysport to the mix. Botox kills nerves and can be applied to muscles that are creating wrinkles. This is injected in regular five minute treatments twice a year.

Such procedures are part of a trend of Americans preferentially selecting outpatient treatment options for medical procedures. Healthcare surveys have noticed this trend and suggest that there could be increasing job opportunities for registered nurses and other healthcare workers outside of traditional hospital settings.

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