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Coolest Way to Lose Fat

When it comes to fat reduction, Liposuction seems to be in the lead in the United States and also gaining popularity around the world. But right now, a chilling contender threatens to compete with liposuction in the fat reduction market.

When a person reaches a certain age he/she has a difficult time melting fats away. Exercise is too tedious to do and dieting is a bit difficult due to temptations we see everywhere. On top of it, dieting and exercise goes together to get the best weight-reduction result.

Liposuction: Fat's Old Enemy

The best solution, so far, for people to get rid of unwanted bulges or pockets of fats on their bodies is through the process of liposuction. These troublesome pockets of fats can be found on areas such as the thighs, abdomen, buttocks, flanks, hips, upper arms, chin, jowls, and neck.

There are several methods in performing the liposuction procedure. Generally, a small incision is made into the skin and a narrow hollow tube, known as cannula, is inserted through the incision where the fatty area is. The pointed edge of the cannula breaks up the fat and the vacuum at the other end sucks out the loosened fat tissues.

Patients may have significant bruising and swelling after the surgery. For the first few days patients are required to wear a compression garment. It usually takes 10 days for a patient to achieve full recovery.

Cryolipolysis: The New Kid in Town

A fresh, non-invasive strategy for boosting the body figure known as ?Cryolipolysis?" is being introduced by a company called Zeltiq. For now, the device is solely FDA-authorized in the United States for skin cooling and anesthetic utilizations. In Canada and Europe, however, the device is used to reduce fat.

According to Robert Weiss, M.D., Dermatologic Surgeon at the Maryland Laser, Skin, & Vein Institute in Hunt Valley, MD, the procedure uses cold temperatures to get rid of fat. The targeted area's skin is pulled between the two plates by a vacuum which is clamped afterwards. Cold water circulates through the plates when the device is turned on. The process cools the tissue in the immediate area to about refrigerator temperature. For some strange reason fat cells are more susceptible to the cold than other cells. The cooling makes the targeted fat cells to die and break down. Over time, the fat content is gradually discharged, carried to the lymphatic system and disposed by the body.

A single treatment lasts for an hour. Cold sensation is what patients may initially feel which doesn't last for long. Patients can rest or read a book during the session. The skin stays in the clamped position for about 15 minutes and it takes several months to see the final results since the break down of fat cells takes quite sometime.

The procedure is established on work performed originally by Dr. Rox Anderson?s associate at the Wellman Labs. The apparatus is now undergoing precise clinical trials to create quantifiable information prior to advertisement launch.

Comparing the Two

Although complications due to liposuction are rare, a patient may suffer from infection, nerve damage, seizures, and negative reactions to anesthesia. One must be aware that there is also the risk of experiencing adverse side effects, such as bruising and scarring. On the other hand, the benefits of fat and cellulite removal can be enormous, with many patients reporting improved appearance, self-esteem, and overall confidence.

Cryolipolysis? side effects of the treatment can include skin redness, bruising and temporary numbness. In most cases, these symptoms disappear within a week. Since the procedure is a non-invasive method, needles are not needed, no incisions on the skin being made, no anesthesia or pain medicines, as well as no recovery period. For most patients, this type of procedure is considered to be convenient because they can work on their laptop, read books, listen to music, or simply "chill" out and relax.

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