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High Visibility: -- Updated for the Digital Age

The just-released third edition of High Visibility unlocks the mysterious world of personal and professional visibility and explains how building a personal and professional brand generates opportunity, provides substantial financial returns, and extends visibility over a lifetime.

(PRWEB) January 14, 2006 -- An updated third edition of the groundbreaking work that first defined and illustrated the process and benefits of building a personal brand ? High Visibility: Transforming Your Personal and Professional Brand ? shows how any individual in any profession can achieve and leverage visibility to generate opportunity and increased personal and financial reward. The latest edition of High Visibility provides new real-world cases and insights that will benefit individuals who seek to build strong brands.

World-renowned communications and marketing experts Irving Rein and Philip Kotler were the first to establish high visibility marketing and communication as a sophisticated industry in the original edition of High Visibility. In the third edition Rein and Kotler ? with coauthors Michael Hamlin and Martin Stoller ? unlock the mysterious world of visibility and explain how building a personal and professional brand has evolved and how to keep a strong brand strong as professionals live and work longer.

Rein is an internationally known expert on communication and a consultant to highly visible individuals and corporations. Kotler is one of the world?s foremost marketing experts, and is frequently credited with being the father of modern marketing. Hamlin is a strategic marketing communications consultant based in Asia. Stoller was a clinical professor of organizational behavior and a consultant to international corporations.

According to Rein, High Visibility is based on hundreds of examples and case studies of personal and professional brands from all walks of life. ?We profile how some of the world?s top personal and professional brands ? Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, and J.K. Rowling, for instance ? achieved and sustained visibility with profound results. But we also show how accountants, doctors, bankers, artists and others can build and benefit from visibility in their local communities and professions,? Rein said.

Key updates provided in the third edition of High Visibility include:

? A proven, strategic approach to brand generation, testing, refinement, realization, distribution, and sustaining in today?s highly competitive, highly connected marketplace;
? The different motivations that prompt seemingly ordinary individuals to seek high visibility;
? How successful personal and professional brands leverage new communication channels ? Websites, blogs, Podcasts, Cable TV, online events ? to distribute their brands meaningfully and regularly;
? How different sectors ? management, professional speaking, counseling, consulting, religion, investment banking, entrepreneurship, government, accounting, medical, dental, sports, entertainment ? achieve and benefit from high visibility;
? How people can find the right story and archetype to propel their careers, and,
? Successful strategies for sustaining visibility over the long term.

?Today, it?s not just what you know or who you know ? it?s who knows you that makes the difference between being respected in your profession and being looked up to by your profession,? said Rein. ?High Visibility demonstrates the difference between being just a member of the crowd and becoming a highly recognized individual who sets standards of conduct and achievement in his or her industry, and enjoys extreme benefits as a result.?

High Visibility is published by McGraw-Hill. It first shipped to bookstores and online retailers in January.


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