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White Paper on Electronic Medical Records Published

2K Electronic Medical Records publishes white paper on the effects of implementing Electronic Medical Records in your practice.

REDONDO BEACH, Calif. (PRWEB) January 10, 2006 -- 2K Electronic Medical Records, located in Redondo Beach, California has published a white paper entitled ?Electronic Medical Records and Your Practice?.

The white paper takes an in-depth look at electronic medical records (EMR), the effects implementation can have on your practice, questions practioner?s and office personnel should ask before purchasing EMR software among other things.

2K Electronic Medical Records is a leading provider of electronic medical software for physicians and medical billing services.

Tammy Harrison, President of 2K Electronic Medical Records said, ?Looking back at 2005 with President Bush?s request to have all medical records be electronic within the next 10 years, the national disasters -- like hurricane Katrina our country has experienced, we felt examining the EMR process would help practioner?s and medical billing specialists make an informed decision that is right for them.?

Ms. Harrison said, ?Many practices begin to re-evaluate their business processes when they implement EMR software. Existing office procedures, patient safety and satisfaction, as well as cost effectiveness are all important factors.?

Here are some questions she advises those evaluating EMR ask before purchasing software:

1. What goals do you expect to achieve?
2. What basic features does your practice need?
3. How will you enter old data into the system?
4. What is your budget?
5. Who in the office will assist with implementation?

2K Electronic Medical Records specializes in helping medical establishments evaluate the needs of physicians and medical billing services and develop tailored medical billing software options and solutions.


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