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Sabre Sciences, Develops Innovative Line of Natural Bio-Identical Products

Sabre Sciences, Inc., a leading endocrine research and development lab, has created a breakthrough line of menopause, pms and stress support products for women and men. Sabres' research has shown that comprehensive stress and sex hormone support is needed to give women and men a true balance product that provides total endocrine support, long term results and not just a temporary fix.

Carlsbad, CA. (PR Web) January 20, 2006 ? Sabre Sciences, Inc., one of the nations leading endocrine research and development labs, announced today they have created a breakthrough line of natural bio-identical women?s and men?s total endocrine support crèmes for menopause, PMS and stress.

?Our bio-identical formulations have been years in the making and are unlike any other menopause, PMS or stress support products currently on the market,? said Victor Salerno, President of Sabre Sciences, Inc. ?These products finally give women and men a natural and comprehensive balancing solution that provides long term results and not just temporary relief.?

Sabre?s products will provide the much needed stress support, which Salerno says, almost all other menopause and PMS products are lacking. According to Sabres? research, and what most women don?t realize, is that stress is at the root of literally all menopause and PMS related problems. Whether it?s hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia, anxiety or lost libido, the long-term effects of emotional, mental and physical stress plays a major role. By using the proper ingredients to help support fatigue caused by years of stress, Sabre Sciences has created true balancing solutions that tackle the cause, and not just the effects.

?Doctors, health practitioners and wellness clinics nationwide have had tremendous success using our products over the past seven years. Once we took a harder look at the OTC menopause, PMS and stress support products that were available, we realized the main cause of most hormone related health problems (stress) was being completely overlooked, and not being properly addressed in the marketplace,? Salerno continued. ?And with the high stress lifestyles most women and men are living today, it?s only a matter of time before it starts to take a toll on them physically. Now a safe, effective and reliable solution will be available.?

Sabre Sciences has combined its proprietary rapid absorption technology with truly synergistic combinations of USP grade bio-identical ingredients, antioxidants, vitamins, herbs and amino acids to create its cutting edge balancing solutions. Sabre?s products will be available through various retail channels within the next two months.

About Sabre Sciences:

Sabre Sciences is an innovative endocrinology lab that combines over forty years of clinical laboratory and research expertise with thirty years of hormone balancing experience utilizing transdermal technology. Since its inception in 1999, Sabre has been dedicated to advances in endocrine research, developing some of the most comprehensive salivary hormone testing protocols, and consistently introducing cutting edge products for personal daily use. Sabre Sciences is the first company to combine evidence-based technology with targeted supplementation, to create safe and effective stress and hormone balancing solutions.


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