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Aromaleigh Mineral Cosmetics Rocks! Literally...

(PRWEB) January 19, 2006 -- Pure, intense color. Glitter, glitz, and glamour. Black-light reactive shades. The creative possibilities are virtually endless with the new line of Aromaleigh Rocks! Sonic Eyes loose hybrid mineral powder eyeshadows.

When looking for colors full of vibrancy, intensity, electricity, sparkle, iridescence, and shimmer, look no further. Whether one is visually defined by the trappings of goth, glam, punk, metal, rockabilly, or any other genre---the Rocks! Sonic Eyes collection has it all.

Aromaleigh?s latest creations are the collaborative effort of Kristen Leigh Bell and Steven Morello, Jr., who conceptualized the Rocks! Sonic Cosmetics collection while drawing inspiration (and rocking out to) their favorite musical influences.

Aromaleigh is known for their line of simple and natural mineral cosmetic products. While the benefits of all-natural mineral cosmetics cannot be denied, there is a wide range of shocking hues that can never be achieved with all-natural formulations. For years, many Aromaleigh customers have submitted requests for these more vivid, eye-popping colors.

Aromaleigh, Inc., is pleased to introduce the Rocks! Sonic Eyes collection, avoiding unnecessary ingredients and using only naturally derived mineral pigments and the synthetic colorants required to produce the intense, shocking colors that cannot be produced with traditional mineral pigments. This new collection is a true marriage of the natural and the synthetic. Now everyone can enjoy the simplicity of mineral cosmetics and the creativity of loose powders, while taking a walk on the wild side with the 71 bold, exciting new shades of the Rocks! Sonic Eyes collection.

Rocks! products are intensely pigmented, and a little goes a long way. All colors are buildable, and a variety of looks can be achieved by using different application methods. Apply Rocks! Sonic Eyes wet or dry . . . all over the eyelids . . . as intense eyeliners . . . anything goes! Many colors contain high-impact sparkle, and the use of an eyeliner sealant or eyeshadow primer is recommended. For those looking for the ultimate in ?shock power,? some Rocks! shades are even black-light reactive, glowing in the dark when exposed to a black light source, such as in a dance club or night club.

Rocks! Sonic Eyes is just the first piece of the entire Aromaleigh Rocks! Sonic Cosmetics Collection. Rocks! Sonic Eyes will soon be joined by even more shocking colors with the Rocks! Sonic Cheeks and Rocks! Sonic Lips collections.


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