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Top Media Production Industry Makeup Artists Launch ?The Media Makeup Tour?

Nationally prominent movie, television, and print makeup artists share their expertise and knowledge with other beauty and media industry artist professionals in Heartland America. Proudly sponsord by Tweezerman, Colorscience, Cosmetic Values of America, Graftobian Makeup Company, Take One Essentials, and Boscia Skin Care.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 19, 2006 -- When leading Los Angeles and New York Fashion and Editorial Photography makeup, artist Elke Von Freudenberg, met former Hollywood and now Washington, DC's front line television and film makeup artist, Suzanne Patterson, a number of years ago little did they realize then that would be the start of a new friendship that would eventually lead to their recent development of innovative makeup training classes. Both are highly respected national experts and instructors in their particular media makeup field specialties, and it was just a natural movement for them to join their talents in teaching their crafts within a unique traveling seminar format. "What's special about this venue is that Suzanne and I are bringing together the very best in expertise to more remote regions where developing makeup artist professionals have little or no access to high quality instruction or a working knowledge base from inside this very competitive industry" says Elke. Suzanne adds; "Middle America artists often cannot travel from their locations or don't have sufficient finances to accommodate expensive makeup schooling for long periods of time. Attending one of the major West Coast makeup schools can actually increase the time it takes to develop knowledge and skills for a professional career. However, learning directly under a working artist, even for a brief period, greatly streamlines the learning of important techniques and "set ready" information in a much shorter timeframe and cost effective manner. Adds Elke ?What makes this event even more exciting is that it is endorsed and sponsored by some major cosmetic companies whose products we use professionally, such as Tweezerman, Colorscience, Cosmetic Values of America, Take One Essentials, Graftobian Makeup Company, and Boscia Skin Care"

With over 20 years experience in the photography and print industry as a top beauty and editorial makeup artist, Elke Von Freudenberg's clients range from high profile celebrities, supermodels, fashion designers, major magazine covers, and elite advertising campaigns. ?Our industries have next to nothing that provides other makeup artists the "behind the scenes" technical information that they need and want to know," comments Elke. ?Suzanne and I are able to bring our combined years of experiences in our makeup field specialties to help other makeup artists who don't have ready access to national professional artists or top quality instruction and show them exactly the elements they need to get ahead in this very competitive business. My desire is to develop talent and bring out amazing creativity in makeup artists, because in my field specialty as well as Suzanne?s it?s all about excellence in your technique and professionalism. Digital photography and high definition/resolution television make it even more crucial that you are sound in both theory and skill in application. Polished techniques are those important skills that any makeup artist can utilize to make their talent look amazing on camera, or even with your average clients.? Von Freudenberg has produced two best selling makeup videos, is the Editor of the very successful online beauty magazine ?The Beauty Newsletter? and the author of the popular beauty e-book, ?The Makeup Course.?

Suzanne Patterson, an Emmy Award* Winning team makeup artist, and special effects makeup artist also brings her 25+ years of experience into the picture. This leading East Coast makeup artist?s extensive experience includes movies, television series and specials, major television commercials, and national commercial, corporate and political print campaigns. She is one of Washington, DC's top political and corporate makeup artists and groomers, and frequently serves the President's Cabinet Staff as well as national politicians and high profile celebrities in and around the Nation's Capital. Suzanne is a recognized national authority on airbrush makeup and has students from around the world who attend her highly acclaimed airbrush makeup workshops. "When I came to Washington, DC 10 years ago from working in Los Angeles, I saw the lack of depth in working knowledge among developing artists in this region, and the need to strengthen their fundamental makeup artistry skills platform coupled with a greater understanding of color and light theory as it related to the made up image in a recorded medium," comments Suzanne. "Many were missing these important makeup sciences and skills in technique for motion picture film and video camera makeup work, which led to the development of my workshops and seminars to help fill this gap and elevate the level of knowledge and ability. Suzanne adds ?Because of my excellent mentorship and apprenticeship experience through some of the greats of the old Hollywood studio system and working under some of the best in the industry in the early years of my career I strive to recreate that excellent model in my own teaching and mentoring programs. With this seminar tour, Elke and I bring together and reveal the best of our training and what works for success in this industry, and as a valuable learning experience to share freely with others.?
(*National Capital Region)

The Media Makeup Tour Seminar Series kicks off in Louisville, Kentucky on March 4-5-6th, 2006 with more cities and dates in the works.


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