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First and Only New Harmony Technology Helps St.Louis Patients

(PRWEB) September 6, 2005 -- New fluorescence technology, now available in the St. Louis area, can help skin look younger, remove unwanted hair and reduce acne outbreaks without taking time off the job.

That?s the reason why Dr. Carol Mischnick installed the Harmony ?All-in-One? Advanced Fluorescence Technology Laser/Light System at her Creve Coeur ?Fantastic Plastic? surgery practice. It is the first and only such unit currently available to St. Louis area patients.   

The Harmony Laser/Light System is more comfortable with better results using fewer treatments than the older laser systems in popular use such as IPL. We can use four different light heads separately or in combination to treat various skin problems, Dr. Mischnick says.

With this new Harmony laser/light system, patients can see improvements after the first treatment, Dr. Mischnick, a board certified plastic surgeon, says. The system was recently awarded FDA approval following two years of patient tests in Europe.

Benefits of the Harmony light/laser system include quick and easy skin improvement that is very safe with no healing time required, Dr. Mischnick says. Patients experience smoother skin with reduced pore size, even skin tone, diminished redness and reduced acne.

With each treatment, the Harmony laser/light system ?takes from 20 to 40 minutes where areas of skin receive a laser pulse lasting one-tenth of a second,? she says.

?Following each treatment, skin may appear red and flushed for 2 to 12 hours. Brown spots may turn darker for one to four days. The redness usually disappear after 30 minutes and brown spots fade or disappear within 15 days,? Dr. Mischnick says.

?Depending on skin condition, up to five treatments may be required,? she says. ?Afterwards, patients will experience smoother skin with reduced pore size, more even skin tone, diminished unwanted redness, reduced rosacea and acne breakouts, plus many more advantages,? she says.

Many patients are pleased with the results, as Barbara Ainsworth of Keesport reports, "After my first treatment of Harmony Photofacial I immediately felt the usual tingle reaction on my skin, but about 6 hours later the difference was significant! I felt a drawing, a tightening in my cheeks, it was beneath the skin."

Dr. Mischnick has pioneered various procedures in St. Louis to improve patient lives. She was one of the first St. Louis plastic surgeons to use ultrasonic assisted liposuction.


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